▼ No Sound?

Windows: If there is no sound after the connection, check if the ASIO driver panel has XTONE enabled and the windows default sound card is disabled. Check whether the driver settings in the DAW and software effects are ASIO and the input channel settings are correct.


iOS: If there is no sound after connection, check whether the input interface is correctly plugged (the guitar cable is not connected to the EXP input), check whether the software microphone permission is turned on, check whether the input channel of the effects app is correctly set, restart the mobile phone, and re-plug the OTG cable.

(There is also a case: if there is no sound using the JAMUP app, please check if the noise gate value is too large).


▼ MIDI footswitch control error



Generally, it is because the MIDI control mode/control group setting is incorrect. After the problem occurs, you can switch the MIDI control mode/control group by referring to the manual.



If the MIDI footswitch control is not working properly after connecting the expression pedal, it is generally because of the wrong type of cable that using to connect . The TRS cable is required to connect the expression pedal. The normal guitar cable is not feasible. You can search on Google to understand the difference between those two cables.



▼ Drivers error under Windows system


Please read the product manual carefully before installing the driver to avoid the installation failure. If you followed the step but the installation failed, you can try to disable the digital signature (method: restart the computer → restart the process repeatedly press F8 → to enter the BIOS to disable digital signature).​​​​​​​


▼ Sound intermittent/popping problem under Windows system


This is usually because the BUFFER SIZE setting in the driver settings is too low and specifications of your computer cannot be tolerated. The solution is to adjust the BUFFER SIZE higher than 64 Samples such as 128, 144, etc.



▼ About Power Supply


All XTONE products can be directly powered by the USB, no external power supply is required. If you really want to use external power, you can purchase the 9V 1A external positive and negative power adapter. After the power is connected, the power supply can be started.

(Note: When XTONE is connected to the external power supply, the work indicator will not light. The work indicator will only be lit when the device is connected. The work indicator only indicates the working status, regardless of whether the power is connected or not.)